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Man Moved Into A New House And Finds A Chained Dog In The Basement

The Stray Rescue of St. Louis team received a heartbreaking call earlier this month. When the new homeowners took possession of the property, they learned that a lovely dog had been abandoned and left to perish while chained up.

The house owner said the following to Stray Rescue of St. Louis staff:

“A pit bull is locked up in the basement of the house I recently purchased. I’m unsure about his tenure there.”

The rescue crew got to the home right away after learning that a squatter had previously slept there, leaving behind garbage, rubbish, and the adorable little puppy alone in the chilly night. She was fortunately discovered in time, and her response to being saved is just adorable.

Natalie Thomson, the organization’s head of communications, stated to The Dodo:

“We noticed the tail move as we opened the cellar door and shone the flashlight. She was so thrilled to see us that she almost choked on her. She couldn’t stop bouncing and embracing once we let her go.

Nobody knows why or by whom the dog was left there, but it was obvious that she would not have survived for very long.

“From what we could see, there were no food or drink containers. She lacked a microchip and had not been sterilized.

She was definitely extremely delighted.

“We gave her the moniker Jumping Bean because of her energy!”

Jumping Bean loves life and her wish is to be loved.