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Mama Cat Gave Birth To Her 4 Babies, Couple Decide To Let Them Inside Their House

Gianna Llewellyn and her boyfriend Rob decided to move into a new house last summer. They got surprised by their neighbors.

Actually they were to amazing cats. They are so lovely.

Cats looked so hungry and Rob decided to feed them with salmon.

Now cats have names- Miso and Suki.

But one day Gianna noticed that the black cat was different from the other days. She thought that cat might be pregnant.

“They were both pretty small when we first met them,” Llewellyn said. “Suki was very skinny but for some reason, her belly seemed a little big for her. So we were like, ‘She’s either pregnant or something worse.’”

So later it was confirmed that Suki was pregnant. She gave birth to her four newborn kittens.

“She still has contraction pains and every time she yelped from a contraction Miso would run over to be next to her,” Llewellyn said. “They’re the perfect couple.”

Miso it was so happy to be a father.

“At first it looked like every kitten was black, but as they grew up, we could see that there was one black cat, three gray and black tabbies, and three torties,” Llewellyn said. “In the tabbies and the torties you can see a little orange in them, so Miso is definitely the father.”

Such a beautiful family.