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10-Year-Old Girl Cried When Her Mom Brought Her Their Adopted Dog Now, What An Emotional Moment

A 10-year old girl Alexandria saw a black and white pit bull on a website and immediately felt in love.

Dog’s name is Wyatt and Alexandria really wanted him.

“As soon as she saw Wyatt, she started crying and knew that he was instantly the one,” Alexandria’s mom, Angela, said in a statement. “She said, ‘He’s the one that’s going to take good care of us, Mom! If you go get him, I promise to love him forever and take really good care of him.’”

She really loved him but her mom told her to wait a little bit. Dog was treated for kennel cough and very soon he become better.

So Angela decided to meet Wyatt. “As soon as I met him, I knew he was the one for our family,” Angela said.

She decided to adopt dog immediately and thought of a big surprise for Alexandria.

When Alexandria walked out of class and saw Wyatt, she bursts into tears. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

What a lovely moment. Now they are best friends forever and inseparable.

“We take him everywhere we go — to the grocery store, hiking, swimming and many walks throughout the day,” Angela said. “This sweet, loving boy is fully housebroken and knows many tricks. He is so very eager to please and is such a great cuddler.”

Such a cute friendship, right?