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They Leave Her, Run Her Over, And Cause Her To Lose Her Back Legs, Yet She Never Stops Caring For Her Babies

Shi Bao, a lovely little breed dog, has demonstrated that a mother’s love extends beyond life in this narrative named “Angel of God.”

Shi survived after losing her hind legs in an accident and has lately been a mother. Its owner abandoned it in Datong, China, because to the economic condition created by the epidemic.

Fortunately, a group of activists rescued her and gave her a fresh lease on life. Shi’s condition was severe when she was found; her hind legs had been smashed and had to be amputated to preserve her life.

Credit: Dr. Xue

Unfortunately, Shi collided with a driver, who struck her. Shi was discovered comatose with her rear legs covered in blood, according to rescuers.

She was taken to the Meilian Zhonghe Veterinary Hospital, where she got medical treatment and had surgery to amputate her rear legs after being inspected.

Shi was revealed to be pregnant by doctors, but her pregnancy was not jeopardized.

Credit: Dr. Xue

This tiny puppy was never defeated. Shi gave birth after many weeks in care, but a new tough period was about to begin for her; two of her four pups died of distemper, and the third was born very severely.

The fourth puppy was the only one that was totally healthy, and she will be adopted by a Norwegian family.

Credit: Dr. Xue

Dr. Xue, a veterinarian at Meilian Zhonghe Veterinary Hospital, was astounded by the arrival of this dog to care for his babies.

“Despite the hardships, Shi is a wonderful mother,” Dr. Xue remarked.

The rescuers urged the authorities to launch an inquiry to find the dog’s previous owner, according to a post on their Facebook page.

The third puppy will be transported to Canada for treatment before being adopted once he has healed.

Credit: Dr. Xue

Shi’s pictures with her cahorritos went viral on social media, inspiring hundreds of fans to express their appreciation for this puppy who is teaching the world the true meaning of love.

What a difficult time this dog must have had when she discovered herself on the street, alone, defenseless, without food or drink, and stranded in the middle of nowhere with no idea how to get home.

Credit: Dr. Xue

Dogs are really wonderful animals, full of solidarity, a lot of love, and a sense of protection, and they are always eager to help others, especially their loved ones.