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As His Owner Is Laid To Rest, A Faithful Dog Insists On Staying At Her Side

Maria Isabel Benites Chamba, who passed last week at the age of 95, was put to rest in Ecuador. Chamba’s relatives and friends were there at her funeral to offer their respects, but one guest in particular insisted on going above and over.

Bumer, Chamba’s beloved dog, was the perpetrator. Until the very end, he refused to leave her side.


Bumer stayed close by at Chamba’s wake, which was organized by Funeraria Santa Rosa, just as he had done while she was alive.

A spokesman for the funeral home told The Dodo, “You could see the loyalty and affection that existed between her and her dog.” “He was always by his owner’s side.”

Following the conclusion of the service, a procession formed to transport Chamba’s coffin to the cemetery. Of course, Bumer insisted on joining us.

The funeral home official said, “He circled the hearse before jumping on as if to say, “I want to go and say goodbye to my mom.” “This is a fantastic example of loyalty.”

Bumer was sad, but his undying love for Chamba was on show for all to see.


Bumer’s loyalty continues on even after Chamba has passed away. His broken heart will hopefully begin to mend with time, but he won’t have to go through it alone.

The lovely puppy was last seen in the loving company of Chamba’s family, united in their memories of the person they loved so tenderly, according to the funeral home.