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In Japan’s Nara Park, Deer Enjoy Cherry Blossoms

Nara Park in Japan is a famous tourist attraction. Many people pay to be photographed among the cherry blossoms, which are so lovely that they make you feel as if you’re in a fairy tale.

The deer are enjoying these lovely pink flowers this season because there are no tourists owing to the Covid-19 epidemic, and the park is serene and quiet.


A group of sika deer, the park’s most renowned residents, can be seen relaxing under the trees in the stunning pictures. According to Japan Guide, there are over a thousand deer in this huge park, exquisite creatures that are regarded “messengers of the gods” as well as a natural asset.

Cherry blossoms are enjoyed by deer.


Even cookies created just for feeding deer are sold in the park, making them a popular draw for visitors. Some of these animals have learnt to bow before guests in order to request food.

The deer in Nara Park are friendly, however visitors should avoid disturbing them to avoid them becoming hostile.

The park has gone silent due to the current epidemic, and as you can see from the videos and images, the sika deer are now relaxing under the cherry blossoms, enjoying their calm surroundings.

When these beautiful creatures emerged in the middle of a session for a couple before their wedding, photographer Kazuki Ikeda was stunned. The deer became the stars of the day in the eyes of Internet users, despite the fact that the couple was the initial subject of the photos.


Kazuki posted the videos and images to his social media accounts, inviting others to come to Nara after the coronavirus threat has gone. He wanted to illustrate the beauty of his city and the local park with the amazing photos in order to inspire others to go outside and appreciate nature.

According to the photographer, who spoke to Bored Panda,

“The epidemic is wearing people’s hearts all across the world. “I hope this video puts people at ease all across the world.”