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The Cute Baby Rhino Wants Everyone To Know How Huge, Strong, And Frightening He Is

Darren Sheer and his family were on a guided sightseeing tour of a wildlife reserve in South Africa when they came face to face with a beautiful, restless, and interested newborn rhino. The lively young kid made up for his lack of stature with an adventurous spirit, curiosity, and a lot of daring.

The family was taken aback when the car they were riding in came upon a rhino mother and her son in front of them. The family and other onlookers were ecstatic to be so near to these magnificent animals.

Because of his lively and carefree demeanor, the small baby rhino managed to amuse them.


When the young child saw the people, he boldly ran away from his mother’s side, making tiny journeys until he was within a short distance of them, and then returning to where his mother was.

He eagerly repeated the tour, demonstrating to bemused guests how “threatening and tough” he can be despite his small and adorable look.

Take a look at this beautiful video.

Darren was ecstatic to tell The Dodo about his adventure:

“I was with my family, and the young rhino was with his family,” says the narrator. It brought back memories of great occasions in our own family. We shall never forget those amazing times.