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People Are Crying Over This Video Of Monkeys Accidentally Killing A Robot Monkey And Then Mourning For It

When BBC show ‘Spy In The Wild’ infiltrated a robot monkey among a tribe of Langurs, the fake animal got accidentally ‘killed’.

This allowed the hidden camera to capture the intimate details of how the monkeys mourn.

The video filmed in Rajasthan, India, both shocked and upset the viewers, as the monkeys’ reaction to death is similar to grief experienced by humans.

The main idea behind the innovative show is putting a camera equipment inside of what looks like an animal in the hope to see the wildlife community from the insider’s perspective.

This kind of knowledge can help us understand animals better and to realize that maybe we are not as different from them as we think.

Especially, when it comes to monkeys, our closest ‘relatives’, who have friends and enemies, get stressed out, are attached to their mothers, and, as the video shows – go through a mourning process after a loss.