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Meet Big Poppa, The 3-Year-Old English Bulldog That Is Sad Because He Can’t Play With Kids Outside

Meet Big Poppa, a cute bulldog from Atlanta, Georgia. He is 3 years old and is such a lovely pup.

But lockdown made him so sad.

A picture of him went viral on Internet where Big Poppa looked so sad while watching some kids playing basketball outside.

The pup has been trying to get the kids’ attention, but couldn’t as he was too far away for them to hear, and social distancing is making it impossible to meet humans at all at this point.

He really loves to play with children and adults.

“[The sadness] started during the lockdown because Pop would usually go outside and play with some of the children in the courtyard every day and also multiple people would pet him when we walk,” explained Rashida Ellis, dog’s owner. “Ever since the lockdown, none of this happens and he tries to get their attention from the patio, but ends up defeated.”

She said that he’s a very upbeat and sociable dog. He used to be so energetic but now sleeps a lot.