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Please Give Me A Hug!

We adore these adorable little creatures, but Red Pandas are becoming increasingly endangered in the wild, and as much as we enjoy marveling at their antics, they need our support to continue to be adorable for future generations.

Their population has decreased by more than 40% in the previous 50 years, with estimates in the wild as low as 2500 animals. If the decline continues, they may fall below the minimum viable level and become extinct within our lifetimes. If you are in a position to assist them in any way, we would appreciate it if you do.

The Red Panda Network and the World Wildlife Fund collaborate with local communities to support our favorite animals, and any donations you make are tax deductible (in the United States). They organize eco-trips, awareness days, and specialized projects, such as the first protected Red Panda forest area, in addition to direct donations.

You can also help by going to your local zoo or wildlife park, which frequently collaborates with the nonprofits mentioned above to provide knowledge, contributions, and equipment. Red Pandas are incredible creatures, but without our support, they will only exist as photographs and gifs on this website, rather than roaming and napping in the woods, being derpy with pumpkins, or playing in the snow as they should.