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People Are Shaming Their Dogs, But We’ve Compiled a List of 43 Of The Worst Good Boys In History.

Any dog owner will give the participants a dozen reasons why their pets are the best creatures on the planet. Even the best, though, may also have a bad day. And when they do, they end themselves on the r/DogShaming subreddit!

It’s a place where people share funny photographs of their bad dogs after they’ve eaten all the donuts, peed all over the patio, or done something else awful.

Continue scrolling to meet the suspects, and don’t miss my interview with Kate Litaker, Dogtown Lifesaving and Care Supervisor for Best Friends Animal Society, on canine guilt.

#1 The Determined Doggo!

#2 Hamburglar

#3 He Has No Regrets

The puppies look to be repenting for their “sins” in several of these photos. While always dogs may learn what their owners consider acceptable and unacceptable conduct, we don’t know if they experience guilt.

“I don’t believe dogs sense guilt; their reaction is merely a response to environmental cues and human emotions,” Kate Litaker, a Best Friends worker, said.

Scientists, on the other hand, will need to provide a definitive explanation. Researchers studied dogs and their owners in a variety of situations in 2009 and found that canines tended to show “guilty” body language more often when their owners chastised them than when the owners stayed neutral – regardless of whether the dogs had done anything wrong.

Dr. Alexandra Horowitz, a dog cognition scientist and author who conducted the study, explained that “a better explanation of the so-called guilty look is that it is a response to owner signals, rather than that it reflects an enjoyment of a misdeed.”

#4 We’re Pretty Impressed By Our 7 Month Old German Shepherd/Great Pyrenees Mix

#5 My Old Dog…

#6 Get An Australian Cattle Dog, It’ll Be Fun They Said

So, how about you? What would you do if you arrived home after a hard day to find your favorite jacket destroyed by your four-legged companion?

According to Litaker, an acceptable response would be to appear delighted to see your dog, clean up the mess, and strive to prevent it from happening again. Put all of your clothing in the closet and a good chew toy on the floor, for example.

Because she was left alone in the office, one of my office dogs destroyed my window blinds and home plants in an attempt to escape,” Litaker recounted. “I didn’t let her alone in the room anymore since she liked the companionship of another dog or people.”

#7 This Classic My Dad Posted To FB Several Years Ago

#9 Supreme Leader Kylo Solo Ren Got Out While I Was Bringing In The Groceries. Luckily I Found Him Down The Street

According to the American Kennel Club, when we consider a dog looking guilty, we usually mean it displays some or all of the following behaviors or signs:

Tucked tail;
Visible whites of the eyes;
Cowering, hunched posture;
Flattened ears;
Avoiding eye contact.

These expressions are signs of fear and stress in dogs. But determining if they truly feel bad about breaking our rules is tricky. Guilt is a complex concept. It requires an understanding of cause and effect in relation to time, which is difficult to prove. Plus, dogs can’t use words to describe how they feel either, so we are really running out of options here!

There are a variety of reasons why dogs misbehave. “They can become disruptive or create an accident because they are bored, it’s entertaining, or they don’t enjoy being alone,” Kate Litaker noted. “When you’re not at home, providing interesting toys and food puzzles, as well as lots of playing and exercise when you are, can help prevent these types of behaviors.”

For more information on pets, go here.

#10 My Co-Workers Keep Eating Office Supplies

#11 Dog Shaming Shenanigans

#12 This One Took Teamwork

#13 Beatrix, Queen Of Poor Choices!

#14 I’m Trying To Discipline My 8 Mo. Old Chinese Crested To Not Eat Her Sisters’ And Brother’s Poop. She Turns Into The Speed Of Light When I Tell Her No And Stop

#15 I’m Peanut And I Like To Steal Mom’s Shoes While She’s At Work

#16 Trust Us, This Looks Way Better

#17 Hi I’m Sebastian And I Took Every Box Of Cereal Outside And Destroyed Them\

#18 Guess I’m Not Leaving The Country Any Time Soon

#19 Jail Break Then An Early Morning

#20 Captain Snatched A Half Dozen Donuts From The Back Of The Counter

#21 This Woman Shamed Her Dog From A Distance!

#22 I’m Not Going To Name Names But Someone Didn’t Like Being Left In The Bedroom For A Couple Hours

#23 I’m Not Even Sorry

#24 Maybe It’s His Way Of Bringing Down The Aristocracy

#25 Two Travel Sized Bars In 3 Days…

#26 Was Told That This Belongs Here. Briggs Just Loved His New Bed

#27 Blind Ambition

#28 She’s Not Sorry

#29 Butter Thief!

#30 She Destroyed The Couch In The Emergency Trailer We Are Living In, Because She Set The House On Fire

#31 These Dummies Ate Their Bed And Then Fell Asleep In The Mess

#32 And He’s Yet To Show Any Remorse!

#33 Untitled (2020) Urine On Concrete By Bad Boi

#34 I Think This Might Fit Here

#35 Congrats On The New Puppy!

#36 She’s Only Sorry She Got Caught

#37 All I Did Was Run Through A Bush, How Was I Supposed To Know It Would Make Mom Itchy

#38 Rip Box

#39 He’s Not Even Ashamed

#40 She’s So Proud Of Herself, Too

#41 Puppies Be Dumb

#42 This Is Why We Keep Bedroom Doors Closed When We’re Not In Them

#43 I Am Kaiju. I Ate My Mom’s New Carpet. I Am Not Sorry