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Barn Cat Loves To Massage, Groom, And Cuddle With Pigs

Cats have the ability to help their friends, human or animal, relax simply by purring – but one barn cat goes above and beyond for his favorite pals. He provides free massages and grooming sessions.

Ernest, a friendly barn cat, lives on Juggling Daises Farm in Wisconsin, where all the animals are treated as friends rather than food. Cows, alpacas, goats, sheep, horses, and pigs live on the farm. Amy, the farm’s owner, started an Instagram page to share all of the special moments on the farm in the hopes of spreading joy. It appears to be working.

While Ernest will greet all of the animals, he has a particular fondness for the four resident pigs. Ernest can be seen resting on the back of his “piggy pillows” in countless photos and videos. He is constantly with the pigs and grooms and massages them on a regular basis.

He loves to clean their ears and the pigs do not seem to mind. A video of Ernest grooming one of the pigs named Clementine was posted with the caption, “Sunset massages, ear nibbles, kisses….I must be dreaming…wait…. I just woke up and this is for real! So glad we’re friends Ernest… ~ Clementine 🧡”.

The affectionate feline has no favorites and treats all of the pigs equally.

While owning a farm is a lot of work, the reward is seeing the animals interact. Amy wrote, “Our farm has lots and LOTS of moments…regardless of Awww or LOL, I am always walking around with a big old grin.”

Ernest’s curiosity led him to the other farm animals, which he attempted to massage and ride, but not all of them were as patient and understanding as the pigs. He is still trying to attract a miniature donkey named Pickles.

Meanwhile, Ernest is busy teaching the other barn cats how to interact with the farm animals and serving as the farm’s official greeter. “Humans – we all need to tune in and become a lot more like these two. After Ernest and Sassy instantly bonded, Amy posted, “Unconditional love, within meeting each other for the first time.”