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Dad Walks In To Check On The Baby In The Crib And Finds Dog Ready For A Nap Instead

Imagine walking into your toddler’s room to check up on your toddler’s naptime but instead, you see a slumber party, of the Old English Sheepdog variety. That’s exactly what happened when Dad walked in to check on his adorable toddler. It was a cuteness overload that took Dad by surprise and made it extra hard to lay down the law.

“Pepper, what are you doing in there?” Dad asks.

The little guy has this look on his face like, “Ut oh, I’ve been caught, but I’m cute so whatever.” Then you can see him trying to convince the other family dog to get in the crib!

Watch this adorable video as Dad goes back and forth with Pepper and his toddler. You can tell he’s trying to be all Dad-like, but the situation is just too cute for rules. It’s crazy adorable seeing this bouncy baby boy hamming it up with his dog Pepper who is bigger than he is! I can’t say I blame the kiddo. Curling up with your favorite furry friend is definitely the best way to fall asleep. I think these two are going to be naptime buddies for life!