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A Woman In Scotland Was Banned From Having Animals For 10 Years For Irresponsible Pet Ownership

A 31-year-old Scotswoman called Fiona Cuthill received a ten-year animal ownership ban after neglecting to feed and water her dog. The animal was saved by the Scottish SPCA, and now, as a result of love and care, Snoop is a completely new dog.

Animal welfare specialists were notified of the animal’s situation in Fiona’s home and arrived to rescue it.

The dog was discovered by a veterinarian to be in severe malnutrition and to only weigh 5.85kg. According to the Scottish SPCA, Snoop is now healthy and has a new home.

Sheriff Jamie Gilchrist also required Fiona to donate £500 to charity after learning that she was not feeding her dog enough.

According to Loiuse Sneddon of the Scottish SPCA, they got a report regarding a dog at Fiona’s house in November 2015, and that dog was:

“extremely emaciated, trembling, and appeared to be dying.”

Louise remarked:

When I got there, I discovered Snoop to be in a most precarious state, with his bones clearly visible, notably his pelvis and ribcages.

Louise said that Snoop was trying to get up and was about to pass out.

Snoop was “terribly dehydrated and severely thin,” according to the veterinarian’s findings.

If he hadn’t gotten medical care, the dog may have passed away within a few days, according to a veterinarian.

Sheriff Gilchrist said it was impossible for Fiona to have been unaware that Snoop was in difficulty and only required food because veterinarian treatment isn’t expensive, despite her financial hardships.