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German Flight Attendant Adopts An Abandoned Dog That Waited For Her After Each Flight When She Arrived In Argentina

A German flight attendant called Olivia Sievers decided to adopt a stray dog who periodically walked about the Puerto Madero area in Buenos Aires, Argentina, after the animal captivated Sievers’ heart. A homeless dog named Rubio was there when Olivia, a German flight attendant, stumbled across him. Olivia sleeps at the Hilton hotel in Puerto Madero on each trip to Buenos Aires.

Olivia gave the adorable animal food while also giving it love, attention, warmth, and concern as a storm approached.

She was unable to remove him or even bring him into her hotel room. But the two forged a special link; when she arrived in Buenos Aires, Rubio went back to her hotel to seek for her, and when she left, she vanished from the area as if she knew precisely when her departure was.

Mascotas Puerto Madero Responsible Adoptions was contacted by Olivia to sponsor Rubio and remove him from the streets since she was worried about him.

Rubio was delivered in this manner to a makeshift residence in San Telmo, where he received all the comforts, love, and care.

However, Rubio made his way outside to wait for Olivia, who had just arrived in the nation. In an effort to find Olivia, the beast once more traveled through San Telmo to the Hilton hotel.

Since she must be his human mother, Olivia made the decision to bring him to Germany and adopt him into her family.