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Rescued Dog Wouldn’t Let Anyone Touch Her But Now She Loves Kisses

Pit bull named Leesa, who was homeless and had a noticeable breast mass, resided on the streets of Los Angeles. She was walking about bleeding and in a lot of agony when that mass ruptured before someone recognized she needed assistance. She was healed by Hope For Paws, and today she is a dog that formerly resisted being petted but now craves affection and needs a permanent home.

When Hope For Paws received a call concerning Leesa, they hurried to the location where she had been sighted after learning that she was bleeding.

“A Hope For Paws follower discovered Leesa living behind a restaurant, hiding under cars, and she didn’t look healthy.  

Eldad attempted to capture Leesa, but as soon as he approached, Leesa screamed and ducked under another vehicle. He made the decision to attempt gently caressing Leesa’s head since he understood that in order to bring her to safety, he would need to win her trust.

After some time, she was able to unwind, and Eldad led her away from the location.

Leesa simply wanted some love, and when she saw Eldad wasn’t going to hurt her, she crawled up onto his lap and began kissing him as a way of saying thank you for saving her life.

Says Eldad

Even though I’ve done this tens of thousands of times, it’s always so amazing to go through the process where you quickly develop rapport and trust (the entire rescue took less than 30 minutes).

Added Eldad

“Having her on my lap was very nice; she leaned in for a hug and then stole a kiss. Even nicer was her response when I kissed her. She nearly responded in a human manner.

She underwent surgery to remove her breast tumors, as well as malignancies on her head and back, after being taken to the veterinarian. She needed some time to recuperate, but she is now in a caring foster home where she is awaiting the day when she may find a permanent family.