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Boy Breaks Down In Tears When Reunited With His Beloved Dog Who Was Lost

Rocco Risso, an 11-year-old kid from Argentina, lost his best buddy Jack, a rescued dog, eight months ago and hasn’t heard from him since. Without knowing what had happened to Jack, Rocco was crushed by the circumstance, but he never gave up hope of seeing him again. He sees his heartfelt response in the video below when he sees his lost puppy for the first time.

Rocco’s mother, Romi, stated to The Dodo:

“I had no idea why Rocco sobbed so much. But he always had faith that Jack will return.”

Time passed, but Rocco’s heart was still devastated since he and his family searched all over the area surrounding Jack’s home in Argentina without being able to locate him. The youngster recently had a dream about his favorite dog showing up, and it turns out that his wish came true, so his waiting was not in vain.

When Rocco’s mother got the call, she went to considerable pains to reunite her son with the dog, who had been spotted wandering close to a gas station by a family friend who recognized him right away.

Says Romi

«I informed Rocco that I was bringing him a gift. I thought he had been reborn when I summoned him to the front yard and he spotted his pal Jack. He repeatedly said, “I knew it.”

Says Romi

“Rocco is overjoyed and closer to Jack than ever. The two things in life that Rocco consistently emphasizes are family and dogs.”