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This Dog Was Abandoned Only Because Her Family Is Expecting A Baby

Nicki Fricker was waiting to transfer a puppy she had discovered that was presumably lost to the shelter in the parking lot of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in Jefferson County, New York, when she spotted a cute dachshund dog sitting next to a guy. Due to the impending birth of a baby, the little girl will be left behind.

Nicki stated to The Dodo:

Because his wife is ready to give birth to a child, he was planning to leave her. Then he inquired as to my feelings for her. She seemed a little dejected but declared that this would be a heavy burden to bear.

‎Nickie Fricker‎

It would be very difficult for her to be alone in a busy shelter, apart from her favorite people, so Nicki decided to take her home.

The chat she had with the man was revealed by the woman in the Dogspotting society Facebook group:

I adore your dog, my goodness! Who is he called?

Dotty, a man in the SPCA parking lot. We no longer need to practice with a dog because we are expecting a baby, so I’m taking her to the animal shelter. Do you adore her?

Me: “Eh…sure?”

I currently own a dachshund.

‎Nickie Fricker‎

Despite having two lovely dogs in her family, Nicki was nervous and shook when the guy handed the puppy to her. She realized she had to provide the dog the protection and love that all animals want, at least until they can find a new home.

Nicky stated:

“I had to carry her to the car since she wouldn’t walk on the leash. I figured I’d just look after her while we looked for a better place for her to live.

‎Nickie Fricker‎

The dog, now named Molly, was shivering on the woman’s lap while they were traveling back to Fort Drum, New York. When Nicki told her husband what had transpired, he did not at all take the news well.

Nicky stated:

I was a little upset since my German Shepherd, Maddie, had only been at home for about a month.

The two dogs that belong to Nicki, Moo and Maddie, welcomed Molly with open arms.

She uttered:

I was initially terrified of my enormous white dogs.

‎Nickie Fricker‎

Molly made a fast impression on Nicki’s husband.

Nicky stated:

The next day, when he returned from work and noticed how petite she was, he fell in love with her. He claimed that Molly is essentially a baby for life.

‎Nickie Fricker‎