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Dog Is So Happy To Have A Family After 4 Years At The Shelter

A nine-year-old dog named Toretto was brought to the Humane Society of Imperial County in California four years ago after being discovered abandoned. Because he was a pitbull and so elderly, prospective adopters kept walking past him year after year.

He also had a nose issue that complicated the adoption process, but there was always optimism that the perfect family would find him.

Animal shelters and groups made an appeal to the public for help in finding foster and permanent homes for their animals as a result of the catastrophe brought on by the new coronavirus.

Facebook/Michael Levitt

A 52-year-old television producer named Michael Levitt was eager to contribute and support the shelters.

Today, Michael stated:

“I discussed parenting with my spouse, and he agreed that it is more important than ever for us to take charge of it.”

Facebook/Michael Levitt

The Gray Muzzle Organization, a group that assists senior dogs in need, has the producer as a member. Michael is therefore aware of the significance of adoption and foster care in these trying times.

Even though the couple already had two dogs at home, they made the decision to provide a hand by caring for this much needed puppy in a foster home. They understood Toretto was the one after watching a video of him on social media and learning about the dog’s predicament.

Toretto would be looked after by Michael and his boyfriend Marc Loren, who also introduced him to the family’s other rescue canines.

Michael said to The Dodo:

“With our current boys, Trooper and Nelson, my boyfriend Marc and I have always felt like we are a two-dog family, but we also realized we had to do our part to support the dogs at our shelter during this crisis. We were inspired to step up and take Toretto in after seeing him in that video, where he still has a soul full of joy after spending four years in a shelter.

Everything went smoothly when Michael brought Toretto home to meet his partner and the family pets.

Facebook/Michael Levitt

Michael remarked:

“Toretto is exceedingly lovely, docile, and affectionate. He immediately felt at home with our group. Our two other dogs swiped it. It appears as though they are aware of his need for our support as a family.”

Facebook/Michael Levitt

The pair had just intended to act as the dog’s foster parents, but after meeting Toretto, they decided to give him a permanent home. The two debated which Toretto should be made a permanent member of the pack for approximately an hour.

Michael remarked:

It took us about an hour after picking it up to determine that we wanted it to be a permanent member of our family.

They decided to adopt Toretto permanently despite learning via medical testing that he had a specific kind of nasal cancer.

Facebook/Michael Levitt