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Sandra Finds Herself Enjoying Her Freedom In A Sanctuary Along With Other Animals Of Her Kind After Spending Most Of Her Life In Captivity

After spending the most of her life in confinement, the 33-year-old orangutan Sandra has now been transferred to the Center for Great Apes refuge in Wauchula, Florida, where she may live in freedom among other members of her species.

When the animal was the focus of a legal dispute in Argentina in 2014, Judge Elena Liberatori declared it to be a “non-human person,” giving the animal international fame.

Sandra spent more than 20 years at the Buenos Aires Zoo, which is now an ecopark, before being transferred on September 27, 2019, in accordance with all health regulations, to the Sedgwick County Zoo in Kansas. Before being sent to the refuge, she spent 39 days in isolation at that location.

Center for Great Apes

Expert research produced positive findings on his state of health, thereby ruling out any possibility of TB. She was traveling with veterinarian David Murphy, who reports that she was remarkably composed and showed a keen interest in peering out of the windows.

The orangutan’s wonderful conduct while residing in the zoo captivated the staff at the Sedgwick County Zoo.

Center for Great Apes

Sandra currently shares her home with 31 chimpanzees and 22 orangutans, most of which were saved from circuses, labs, the illicit exotic pet trade, and the entertainment business.

Famous Bubbles, the chimpanzee owned by the late singer Michael Jackson, who came in 2005, is one of his pals.

Center for Great Apes

Patti Ragan, the sanctuary’s director, reportedly stated the following in a news release:

She was reserved at first, but as soon as she noticed the swings, toys, and green spaces in her new environment, she started to go out.

Center for Great Apes

The acknowledgment Sandra received in 2014 as a result of the court’s decision that she was a sentient creature with basic rights rather than a mere object or item subject to property, is unquestionably an important testament to the respect that these animals merit.

Ragan stated to CNN:

“Hundreds of clever and lovely orangutans like Sandra are dying because of habitat damage brought on by logging, mining, and palm oil farming.”

The new orangutan caregivers have been eagerly anticipating her arrival, and they are all ready to take care of her for the rest of her life.

Center for Great Apes