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Dog Crawls Into A Flooded Hole To Save Her Puppies From Drowning In Vietnam

In an effort to prevent her three young puppies from drowning, a dog hastily climbed inside her flooded cave at this precise time. Dramatic video depicts the dog in Dong Nai, Vietnam, digging into a cave beneath cement after a violent downpour inundated her home’s yard.

While her father hurriedly gathered the water with a bucket, she was swiftly excavating in the dirt to enter a flooded hole. Lu the dog soon appears with the pups in her jaws.

All three of them were saved with some assistance from the man performing CPR to one of them.

According to Daily Mail, Binh Dao Thi stated:

“There is always hope as long as there is life.”

The den where the dog had secreted her puppies became damp and flooded due to a severe downpour. Even though there was nothing her mother could do to stop it, she nonetheless saved her children out of pure maternal love.

We can view pictures of all three puppies nursing in a healthy state after Lu took her pups one at a time to a dry location in the house.

Added Binh Dao Thi:

She is a canine native to an island. She is incredibly devoted to and protective of her kids. She extracted three of them from the hole. They have all recovered and lived.

The purpose of Lu’s puppies being in the hole is still a mystery. But this film gives us a wonderful illustration of real love.