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This Adorable Pup Is Not Impressed With Anyone At The Doggy Daycare

If you ever cross West Street in the heart of Raleigh, North Carolina, you could see a dog unlike any other enjoying the neighborhood’s amenities in its own special manner. Pogo is a completely different girl and is not interested in jumping or playing with other dogs at this leash-free dog daycare as the other cheerful dogs normally are.

This boxer-bulldog mix, age 4, tries to avoid encounters with other canines. She typically occupies a bar stool and appears to be able to judge and study other canines at will while doing so.


Pogo’s mother, Grace Wheeler, commutes daily with her dog to her job on West Street. When it comes to describing Pogo’s special attitude, the woman has her own ideas.


Grace stated to The Dodo:

“We believe that when she climbs up on the chairs, she is attempting to communicate to the other dogs that she believes she is superior to them. She has always climbed on chairs or anything intended for people when I have worked in kennels. She’s our little queen of criticism!

Pogo has also taken on many other human behaviors in addition to just sitting at the bar like a human. She may be a real drama queen.

His mom says:

“She loves to perch on top of objects and snuggle up in bed like a human being” (chairs, the bar, benches, sometimes people). She enjoys taking road trips and hangs her elbow out the window like a person when doing so (which seems to be a theme for her). She prefers humans to dogs.


Of course, her unique demeanor draws attention from those who visit the nursery, and she is content with the fact that she is the focus of attention there.

Grace promises:

“He has a large following. People frequently visit the West Street Instagram, where we post it, in search of it.”