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Mole Finds A Friendly Dog ​​Waiting For Him At The End Of His Tunnel

A gorgeous and inquisitive Great Pyrenees dog named Fiona resides in San Francisco, California (United States). She is a sociable dog and likes to go for walks with her mum virtually every day.

When she strolls around Golden Gate Park, she has always wondered where the holes originate. She started waiting outside to say hello when she realized they were the work of moles because she gets so enthusiastic.

Mother of Fiona stated to The Dodo:

He frequently engages in it. She believes that everyone wants to greet her.


Fortunately, Fiona is welcomed by the moles in a kindly manner, and they appear delighted to see her waiting there. One of these visits was captured on camera and shared on Instagram by the dog’s mother.

She claims:

“They get along so well and are very nice together.”

The little animals don’t appear to be scared of Fiona despite her size. They are charming when they walk outside and spend brief minutes with the restless dog; they appear to comprehend the hairy girl’s interest and her kind intents.


The lady continued:

They spend a lot of time hanging around by the squirrel holes since it’s frequently difficult to convince her to go and because she’s such a large girl.


The dog is very patient, and even if it could take a while for an animal to come out and say hello, she always responds with great excitement.

Mother of Fiona adds:

She is the nicest puppy ever.