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Stolen Dog Immediately Demands A Hug When Reunited With Her Dad

While traveling from Michigan to North Carolina in the United States, Aaron Morris and his service dog Jolene stopped at a Dollar General shop. Aaron made the decision to go shopping and left his roommate outside as he went into the store, not realizing that he was being followed.

After leaving the shop and returning to his car, he discovered that practically all of his possessions—including his pet Jolene—were missing.
Aaron published the following on Facebook:

My guardian angel was this. My dearest pal. I gave him the whole truth. We worked as a team on everything. I need to hold her again. My heart is being destroyed by this.


The Dodo claims that Aaron’s main concern was Jolene, and that he wanted her back, rather than the car, his cash, or his phone. As the days went by, his agony grew since he felt that his chances of locating her were dwindling because there was no word on her location.

In Tennessee’s Morristown Hamblen Humane Society rescue facility, a brown Labrador/pit bull mix that was found wandering the streets was fortunately brought in by someone.


The pink tag around her neck and collar were also spotted by shelter workers. Although she was identified by the name “Jolene” on her name tag, her registration’s phone number didn’t appear to be functional.

The dog’s picture was thus posted on Facebook by the animal shelter. Obviously, calls to Aaron were unanswered because his phone and car had been stolen, but due to a social media post from the shelter, Jolene and her father were ultimately reunited.


As soon as Aaron learned his canine buddy was in Tennessee, he got in his car and headed there, anxious and happy. Sweet Jolene quickly went into her mother’s arms and kissed her after spotting her father. She was wagging her tail in delight.

The happy dog wasn’t satisfied with that, so she unexpectedly rushed into her father’s arms for a loving hug to express how much she had missed him.