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Rescued Blind Dog Gets Excited and Can’t Believe He Has His Own Bed

Fortunately, Stevie the dog was saved in South Carolina from a backyard where he was chained up and had obvious living circumstances. Everything appeared to suggest that Stevie had likely spent his whole eight years of life in shackles and had never left this depressing location.

The dog was cared for by the Lancaster County SPCA, but New York’s Diamonds in the Ruff learned about Stevie through collaboration with other rescue organizations.

After hearing the entirety of Stevie’s tale, the group came to the conclusion that he had to be a member of their furry family. Stevie was sent to the shelter’s facilities as a result; when she got there, they saw all of her issues and started to provide her the care she needed.


In addition to being blind, covered in fleas and parasites, and with patches of skin gone, Stevie had a very difficult existence. Additionally, he had a cob lodged in his intestines, which required surgery to remove, according to the veterinarians.


His physiological issues were all too clear, but when he got to his new foster family, his psychological issues soon became apparent.


Foster mother Erin Boyd stated to The Dodo:

He dozed out for the majority of the journey, but occasionally in his cage, he would growl and bark. He was only defending himself, as we all knew. He refused to exit the cage when we carried it into our house after arriving. Since he couldn’t see and we didn’t know him yet, we were cautious.

Waiting for him to get used to his new life inside, his host family had to be patient with him.


After a few days, Stevie started to recover physically and mentally. As a result, he started to reveal his actual self and developed into a powerful dog.

His new family enjoyed watching him do many novel activities, and they even bought him his own bed.