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He Finds An Injured Wild Fox In The Road And Brings Him Home As His Best Friend

Some people view wild animals as companions, while others view them as foes. The world is still split between those who have the compassion to care for our fellow forest and jungle creatures and those who do not, because they see these extraordinary beings as ferocious beasts who do not deserve our respect and care but rather as violent beings who should be avoided at all costs.

Mike Trowler unquestionably belongs to the first kind of people; this kind Englishman has taken in hundreds of foxes and other abandoned creatures from the wild, rescuing them, and caring for them in his home.

When the unfortunate little creatures are fully recovered, Mike releases them back into the forest so they may start living their normal lives.

We need many more people like Mr. Trowler, one enthusiastic Internet user said.

There would undoubtedly be less suffering in the animal kingdom if many more humans treated little creatures in this disinterested manner.

Trowler has had to keep several baby foxes while he is trying to save them. This retired English engineer met Cropper, a vulpine he called with fondness, many years ago and they became friends.

Cropper adapted to life with Mike with ease, behaving imperceptibly inside the home, sleeping soundly on his shoulders, and even going on walks with him like two best friends.

She now shares a home with Jack, who has grown to be her closest buddy. They spend the afternoons in his living room watching TV, listening to music, and napping in one other’s arms. She lovingly bathes him and blow-dries his hair.

Some people will object that foxes are wild, aggressive animals that are dangerous to live with; however, Trowler has a deep understanding of the nature of wild animals and is aware that while they are different, they are not inherently evil. Rather, they are fascinating creatures that are extraordinary and full of sweetness.