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The Two “Apprentices” Who Are Determined To Help The Electrician In His Task Surprise Him

Some people would think that an electrician’s job does not allow for a lot of touch with nature, but Colin is a man from England who experiences the exact opposite. Colin has been in charge of upkeep and repairs at numerous zoos for a while.

With his toolkit in his briefcase, he travels to the various precincts and gets ready to work in a pleasant environment. He just enlisted the aid of a few extremely specific aides.

He was reminded of the value of these animals while making a few repairs in the meerkat area. She briefly left her briefcase open, and a meerkat quickly approached to see what was going on. The furry kid was obviously highly interested in the screwdriver and drill as seen by the photos.

“How gorgeous! They must be the world’s top apprentice electricians, claimed a commenter on social media.

Before he could react, a second meerkat had come to take part in the “inspection.” It is obvious that they had to keep a careful eye on Colin’s work to ensure he completed it properly. The amiable animals appeared to like the treatment.

Meerkats are naturally quite curious, so when my dad was at work, they went up to investigate! Lucy said on Twitter, “Look how her morning went.

One of them even used Colin’s brief moment of crouching to spend some time perched on his shoulder. His daughter Lucy was the one who snapped the stunning pictures. She frequently follows him to work and adores taking pictures of her father’s animal companions.

When I told my father about the publication’s success, he quipped that the meerkats would “go to their heads,” Lucy added in jest.