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Brave Little Dog Defends Her Best Friend From A Coyote

A courageous little 6-year-old Yorkshire terrier in Scarborough, Toronto, Canada, has gained notoriety for placing herself between a wild coyote and a member of her human family.

Dorothy Kwan, the dog’s adoptive mother, claims that her 10-year-old daughter Lily was strolling with Macy along the street when a coyote began following them. One of the neighbors’ surveillance cameras captured the child crying for assistance while tugging on Macy’s leash.

Lily tried to pull the rope tighter so she could run to Macy’s side, but her dog refused to move, so she let go of the leash.


She told the news station Local 12:

“I dashed to the sidewalk and began yelling for assistance, but no one heard me.” I recently observed a coyote attempting to attack my dog, so I went about ringing doorbells and knocking on neighbors. And I was permitted in by a neighbor.

As Lily runs screaming and begs for assistance, the young Yorkie jumps up to attack the coyote on security camera footage. The coyote may be seen nipping and shaking Macy in certain scenes.

Fortunately, the dog is able to flee before the coyote, seemingly startled by the girl’s screams, flees down the street.


Despite her bravery in escaping the large coyote, Macy suffered serious damage to her torso and leg. Her injuries necessitated emergency surgery at the animal hospital.

The hospital expense is substantial, therefore the family has set up a Go Fund Me page to help their brave daughter.

Dorothy explains:

“Toronto Veterinary Hospital just called to tell me that Macy was alright when she woke up in the ICU this morning.” He ate some chicken and is now relaxing ».


Macy was rescued five years ago, according to the woman. The dog was initially terrified of humans and other dogs, but she has now grown to be quite protective of her family.

The woman, who claims to be a single mother of two children, argues that her dog is the most important member of her family.