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Woman Was Afraid Of The Neighbor’s Pit Bull, Until It Saved Her Life

Simba is a loving and kind pit bull who has won the hearts of all who know him, despite stereotypes that have grown about his race, such as his neighbor’s fear of him until the day he saved his life.

The tiny puppy and his adoptive father, Arjanit Mehana, share an apartment in Sweden, while the elderly woman lives one floor below.

Mehana attempted to welcome her with Simba whenever she saw her, but she was freezing and terrified of the small dog.

Arjanit Mehana

When Mehana and Simba were coming home after a stroll, they went by the neighbor’s apartment, and as they ascended the stairs, Simba began to behave strangely.

Arjanit Mehana

He came to a halt and began barking and racing towards the door. Despite pulling on the leash, the man refused to cooperate.

Mehana had to force herself to take it up, and it was then that she heard a faint sound from within.

Arjanit Mehana

Mehana explained to The Dodo:

“I heard a frail voice pleading for assistance. ‘Please don’t leave,’ she begged.

The man saw that the door was open and went inside, only to see the woman laying on the floor. She’d shattered her hip, gone unreported for two days, and was unable to move.

Arjanit Mehana

Mehana phoned an ambulance when Simba discovered her barely in time. When the woman got home, she could not help but praise her hero.

said Mehana:

“‘Thank you for listening to me,’ she murmured. I assumed she was speaking directly to me at first. ‘No, not you, the lovely little puppy,’ she remarked afterwards.

Arjanit Mehana

He was terrified of the pit bull, yet it turned out to be the sweetest of them all.

The woman is recovering, and other residents of the building have rewarded Simba for his bravery with snacks and presents.

Arjanit Mehana

He is a great hero who deserves all the adulation in the world. Mehana thinks that his dog’s acts would help others learn that pit bulls are not deadly creatures because of their breed.

Arjanit Mehana