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A Brave Dog Stops A Moving Vehicle To Call For Help For Her Mother Who Had A Seizure

A Canadian family will be forever thankful for their dog’s bravery in stopping a car to save her human mother who was having a medical emergency while out on a walk.

Haley Moore, an Ottawa, Canada, homeowner, was walking her dog Clover around the neighborhood when she had a seizure and passed unconscious. According to CTV News, the woman was out on a morning stroll with her dog on March 16 when she fell unexpectedly.

CTV News quoted Haley as saying:

“All I remember is waking up in the ambulance, completely bewildered, and having no idea what was going on.”

Image | CTVNews

Clover, her one-and-a-half-year-old puppy, was fortunately well-versed in dealing with the scenario, and her protective instincts guided her to the appropriate course of action.

Despite the unbelievable nature of what occurred, Clover’s heroic gesture is captured on video by a neighbor’s security camera.

Image | CTVNews

Clover begins to check on Haley when she passes out on the side of the road, as seen on camera. Clover resolved to do something to aid her owner after observing her and watching a car speed past her.

Clover lets off of her leash and decides to stroll to the middle of the road to block the path of an approaching truck.

Image | CTVNews

This dangerous action led the driver, Dryden Oatway, to come to a fast halt, allowing him to see what was going on with Haley.

According to Dryden:

“It was truly remarkable. He actually stood in my path. To block my truck, she backed onto the road.”

The 21-year-old jumped out of his car to assist Haley, but he was constantly on Clover’s radar.

Image | CTVNews

Despite the fact that Dryden was assisting, Clover was always aware of what was going on with her mother.

Dryden continued:

“He kept his distance but checked on his owner, which was incredible.”

Dryden insisted on knocking on a neighbor’s door for aid while Clover kept an eye on Haley, then returned to take care of her.

Clover decided to enlist the aid of another neighbor, Danielle Pilon, who did not hesitate to get out of her car and rush over to the scene.

Danielle explained:

“I pulled over and stepped out of the Jeep, asking Dryden if he was okay, and he answered, ‘I don’t know, he passed out.’

Clover decided to seek more assistance once Danielle arrived; it appeared that she needed to return home to inform her family.

Image | CTVNews

Even though she knew Haley was being well cared for, she didn’t want to abandon her, but she needed to inform her parents. Several distraught neighbors knocked on Haley’s door, intending to inform her father of what had occurred.

Haley Moore’s father, Randall Moore, said:

“Our neighbors were frantic when they knocked on the door, and our dog Clover was barking like crazy.”

Image | CTVNews

Clover and her family quickly hurried to the location, where they saw Haley already in an ambulance being treated by paramedics. Fortunately, Haley is doing better today, but the reason of her unexpected seizure remains unknown, however her father said it was something terrible.

Randall continued:

“It was scary to see my kid, muddy-faced and incomprehensible.”

Image | CTVNews