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Man Tescues A Blind Dog Lost In The Woods For A Week

To the family of the lost dog and to all of his neighbors in the San Lorenzo Valley, California, a firefighter who rescued a blind dog lost in the woods has become a local hero. Dan Estrada took advantage of the fact that he was off duty by going for a stroll with a buddy in the woods behind his house, but he never expected to wind up saving a puppy.

The man simply wanted to go on a stroll with his friend, so he packed his belongings and started off on his journey, followed by his two dogs. They proceeded to a creek and were greeted by a surprise.


Sage, a 12-year-old Labrador dog who was likewise entirely blind and did not move, sat on the bank of the creek. Sage had been missing from her home for eight days, and her family had looked everywhere for her, but to no effect.


Sage’s family claims that they planned to sleep normally one night, but their beloved puppy was missing the next morning. What happened to her that caused her to get disoriented? It’s a mystery, but the fact is that her family went on the hunt for her, enlisting the support of her neighbors and relatives.

They even hired a professional dog tracker, erected dozens of billboards across the area, and shared his photo on social media.


Because of his health and the presence of cougars in the region, the worst was predicted after several days of unsuccessful searching.

Sage’s mother, Beth Cole, told The Mercury News:

“For a week, our neighbors and other members of the community assisted us in our quest.”

Fortunately, Dan and his fellow hikers were able to locate Sage in time, who was resting beside the water, waiting for help. Sage lifted her head when she heard the people near to her, allowing Dan to see her; he instantly hurried up and hugged her.


Dan stated, ”

“I jumped into the water and hugged her when we discovered she was still alive.” It was very miraculous.”

Sage was well-known to the guy since she lived close to her owners’ home and was often playing with her two dogs. Sage was fatigued and weak after being lost in the woods for a week, so Dan carried her up the hill on her shoulders.


Sage’s family was notified by Dan’s wife, who picked her up and drove her to a veterinarian facility right away. Surprisingly, after a battery of tests and a comprehensive medical examination, the vet declared the dog to be in good condition.

Sage’s family was relieved because several days had gone without knowing what had happened to him; fortunately, he was already safe.


Sage’s homecoming was celebrated by the entire neighborhood, including a neighbor who prepared her a steak and threw her a welcome party. Sage’s family was so appreciative that he gave Dan a prize, but the guy recommended they send money to an animal charity instead.

Dan has received thousands of letters from individuals who have been moved by what happened as a result of the poignant rescue story.