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Heartbroken Dog Smells A Scent He Thought He’d Never Find Again

Paquito’s dearest companion may have died, but his love memory lives on in the heart of the small dog.

Paquito and Evlyn Castro’s uncle had been inseparable for years. Theirs was a unique friendship that went beyond that of friends. Rather, they treated each other as father and son: “My uncle used to take him everywhere,” Castro told The Dodo. “They were quite close.”

Their time together, however, was cut short.


Castro’s uncle became ill six years ago with a disease from which he would regrettably never recover. Paquito’s life has been turned upside down.

His family did everything they could to help him survive, and he eventually did — yet it was recently revealed that the dog’s closest buddy never left his thoughts.


Castro was assisting her aunt this weekend in sorting through several boxes of her uncle’s clothing that had been soaked during a thunderstorm. Something really heartwarming happened along the process:

“We pulled all of the garments out of the dryer and placed them on the floor to dry. Paquito dashed in as soon as we did “Castro said. “He sat on top of the garments, sniffing and caressing them for a long time.”

Paquito seemed to remember the aroma on the garments, and it must have seemed like he was back in his best friend’s arms for a brief period.

“After all these years, he finally smelled his own scent,” Castro explained. “He was adamant about not moving away from the garments. It was an extremely emotional experience.”