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Man Buys A Cabin In The Woods As A Retirement Home For His Dog

Lorenzo Buffa met his dog Myles nearly by chance thirteen years ago, but he felt they were destined to be together from the moment he saw him. On Fridays, a nearby shelter would take all of his dogs to the park, and Lorenzo would always stand back and watch from afar.

The man was constantly devastated knowing that none of these pets had a loving home where they could live out their lives. But one afternoon, Lorenzo peered into the eyes of a puppy and knew he had to adopt him for the rest of his life.

Image | lorenzo buffa

Lorenzo and Miles have been closest friends since that day, and they enjoy doing everything together, from sleeping to going on a stroll to playing for hours.

Image | lorenzo buffa

Since he found a permanent home and was able to spend time with his father, Myles has always been quite happy. Unfortunately, time flies and Miles has grown older, making it more difficult for him to participate in some activities.

Image | lorenzo buffa

In addition, Myles developed a number of maladies over time, including cataracts, arthritis, and heart failure, among other ailments.

Despite this, Myles continues to live a happy life, albeit at a considerably slower pace than before due to his advanced age. As a result, Lorenzo desired a more pleasant and simple life for his dog, so he set out to locate the ideal home for his final days.

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Lawrence continued, ”

«I always promised him I’d give him land and put him in the woods.» He would have left town by the time I was in my mid-thirties, I assumed. The epidemic made me realize what I value and that both he and I needed to simplify our lives.”

The man decided to buy a cottage in the woods and christened it “Camp Myles” after his pet dog after searching for several days.

Image | lorenzo buffa

Now that the tiny family has settled in, everyone, especially Myles, appears to be enjoying and appreciating their new life in the woods.

Lawrence had this to say:

“I suppose [her favorite part] is lounging on the terrace or porch and relaxing in nature, as well as exploring about the property and going on walks!”

Image | lorenzo buffa