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The Friendliest Bird Consoles A Woman Visiting Her Son’s Grave

This may appear to be a regular bird, but his appearance was nothing short of a sign for one bereaved mother.


Marie Robinson of Waterlooville, England, lost her 4-year-old son, Jack, to brain cancer three years ago. She hasn’t stopped thinking about him in that time, hoping, like any bereaved mother would, that her kid was still alive.

However, something astonishing just occurred that has convinced her that his spirit does truly live on.


Robinson chose to visit the cemetery where her son was laid to rest on Saturday, the third anniversary of his death. A robin emerged out of nowhere and flew about her as she sat on the grass beside his grave.

Robinson elicited no fear from the small bird, in fact, his reaction was just the reverse. He momentarily landed on her foot at one point, but the interaction didn’t finish there.


As the bird circled and settled atop a neighboring gravestone, Robinson began shooting. She reached out her hand, and the robin fluttered over, almost understanding what she was doing, and perched on her fingertip. There was nothing haphazard about what was going on for Robinson.

“It did bring me to tears,” she remarked on the internet. “I’m taking it as a sign from Jack,” says the narrator.

Here’s a clip from her remarkable meeting.