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The Grateful Dog Will Not Stop Licking The Guy Who Came To Set Her Free

It’s difficult labor, but it always pays off handsomely. Matheus recently published on his social media accounts a story about three pups that were kept in chains, and before releasing them, he made sure he had proof of the dogs’ probable cruelty.

Matheus recently rescued a puppy who was in a bad circumstance, as he described in a post on his Facebook page:

«She endured the cold, the heat, the rain, and the sun in chains. When we arrived, there was no one there, so we smashed the lock and freed the dog.

The little puppy will not stop licking the guy who has come to save her.


The cute puppy was happy as soon as she felt secure; she realized she was being given a second opportunity, and she started licking the guy who had come to set her free.

According to Matheus, the dog’s owner has been discovered and will be investigated for animal mistreatment. In the meanwhile, the cute canine is secure and will be given a second shot at life.


Following her release, the dog was placed in the care of the organization and rescue center Casa Do Produtor, where she stayed for just a short time.

The organization’s representatives informed The Dodo:

She’s already been taken in by a family. She’s fine.”