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Despite Having Only Two Eyes Between Them, Rescued Twin Pups Had The Happiest Existence

Because their mother got a bacterial illness while pregnant, the two twin puppies, Roxy and Toulouse, were born blind in one eye. Because of this flaw, the two Westies puppies were deemed unsellable, and their only option appeared to be euthanasia.

Fortunately, Fanny Sannier, a 19-year-old Belgian girl, learned about the two young puppies’ plight and decided to assist them. As an early Christmas present in 2019, the young woman chose to adopt the two puppies in order to save them.

It was a natural conclusion for Fanny since she couldn’t tolerate the reality that two creatures had died because they were different.


According to METRO, Fanny stated:

“We were all sad when we discovered out they may be euthanized.”


Furthermore, they were two gorgeous pups who couldn’t comprehend why anyone would euthanize them when they had a promising future and a life to live.

People appear to be uninterested in purchasing or adopting a different puppy since they do not want to spend money on these creatures. Despite the fact that a “imperfect” puppy involves hefty medical bills and procedures, there are many people who are prepared to go to any length for them.

They didn’t know much about the bacterial illness that caused them both to lose their eyes, but they paid £ 427 for her operation, according to the young woman.


The vets fried their damaged eyeballs during a medical procedure conducted when they were just two months old, and they now look like two normal dogs. The two small brothers are now having a good time, running about in the rain, smashing stuffed animals, and playing with their other two foster siblings.

Fanny remarked:

“I am overjoyed that we have adopted them.” They are very vibrant, and I want they stay by my side for as long as possible.

Because they are two balls of unconditional love, their family often wonders what might have happened if they had not been saved.


Despite the fact that the pups behave like two regular dogs, the young woman claims that many are still startled when she tells them her moving story. Especially considering they are two little dogs who run around the yard, swim in a pond, and spend their lives as if they have no physical restrictions.

Fanny continued:

“The reaction is typically the same; people are shocked that they were killed since they can see how full of life both dogs are.”

Many people conclude that he would have saved them as well, but the fact is that Fanny and her family are content to have them in their midst.


Fanny continued:

“My entire family adores them, and they bring so much joy to our house.”