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When Two Separated Doggie Siblings Cross The Street, They Instantly Know Each Other And Runs To Hug One Another

Two Cockapoo dogs, which are a cross between a cocker spaniel and a poodle, were out on a walk with their respective adoptive parents when they met. For the brothers, the trek turned into a family reunion.

What drew the most attention to the reunion was the fact that they seemed to remember each other right away and even embraced, despite not having seen each other since they were pups.

Monty and Rosie were born in June of last year to the same litter of six puppies, and they always demonstrated a remarkable relationship between them.


Rosie Killip’s mother, Susan Killip, told The Dodo:

Monty and Rosie were constantly together despite the fact that there were six of them.

Libby Pincher published the touching reunion tale on Twitter, where you can witness a discussion with her father as well as images that have received over 900,000 likes. The following is how the man explains what happened:

Dave was out walking his dog when he noticed a pair approaching him with a white version of their dog. They are, in fact, brothers and sisters from the same litter. But instead of merely playing with other dogs, have a look at this.


There is a lot of discussion about whether dogs can recall their littermates, but many people believe it is conceivable.


Tufts University, on the other hand, claims that dogs of the same breed are more attracted to one other. Another dog’s scent can also linger for a long time, which is why when they meet again, they are likely to smell familiar and reassuring. Furthermore, no research has been done to establish that the response is caused by a familial relationship.


Monty and Rosie’s parents have agreed to meet on a regular basis once the government’s coronavirus control restrictions have been eased, so the siblings may enjoy each other’s company.


Killip stated:

“We’ll remain in contact,” says the narrator. It’s a little tricky right now, but after everything is all done, we’ll go on dog walks together.