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A Dog Kisses A Wild Moose He Meets On The Other Side Of The Fence

Puppies are unrivaled creatures, capable of charming even the most hardened hearts. That is why they are man’s greatest friend, but their capacity to captivate these creatures extends beyond the human heart, and on one occasion, a huge Pyrenees astonished everyone with its latest conquest: an animal twice his size but twice as loving as him.

Credit: Lauren Sturges

The emotional scenario, which starred a ball of white hair known as Winston, was revealed via a video posted on social media.

The dog is just 5 months old and has already charmed his owners, but it turns out that his cuteness also motivates less thinking species, such as the moose in the video.

Credit: Lauren Sturges

Winston lives with his human mother, Lauren Sturges, in Loveland, Colorado (USA).

According to the woman, the tape was recorded on a typical day when she went out to examine the area with her small dog and came upon a herd of elk on the other side of the road.

Credit: Lauren Sturges

The moose were stopped from entering the property by a medium-sized fence; in fact, the animals had showed little interest in coming until they saw the puppy.

Winston approached the fence to see what was going on on the other side and was taken aback by his conquest.

Credit: Lauren Sturges

However, the moose goes beyond mere eye contact, as he connects his nose with the puppy’s and swiftly licks it.

The animals sniff and make touch to get to know one other, but the moose instantly starts licking the puppy.

Credit: Lauren Sturges

Lauren was feeling very charming and amusing at the time, so she couldn’t help but chuckle during the filming.

“I was practically in tears because it was so lovely,” Sturges remarked.

Credit: Lauren Sturges

According to the lady, around fifty moose crossed the road, but one in particular was intrigued by the puppy and came to meet him.

The situation was very amazing and entertaining; at one moment, the monster lifts its head in delight, while the dog seemed to be terrified.

Winston was enjoying the moment as well, as he stood still in front of the display of devotion.

Credit: Lauren Sturges

Lauren had worked hard throughout the weekend, so it was a kind of blessing that life provided her with that one-of-a-kind opportunity.

“It was awe-inspiring. “It was kind of a treat after working so hard all weekend,” the young woman explained.