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Toucan Happens To Be Passing By This Girl’s House And Ends Up Making Her Day

Beatryz Costa and her husband reside in Brazil and are looking forward to the arrival of their first child. The expectant mother has gone to great lengths to arrange her baby’s nursery. A inquisitive wild toucan native to the region paid the mother a surprise but pleasant visit via the window one day while she was in the room; he wanted to take a peek in the child’s chamber.

As he was cleaning the room, he observed a person come through the window with a brilliant orange beak. Beatryz was overjoyed and decided to capture the moment of this magical visit, but she had no idea the bird would get so near to her.


According to Beatryz, who spoke to The Dodo,

“It was unexpected.” I was overjoyed. It was the first time such a gorgeous bird had contacted me, and being visited by such a lovely bird really brightened my day.

The visit of the toucan is unforgettable for this prospective mother, and she can’t wait to tell her infant about the lovely story of the curious bird at her window.


Still moved by the wonderful visit, Beatryz added:

“Now that the toucan has visited, the room is much more fortunate, and I am even pleased when I enter the room.”