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This Dog Enjoys Listening To Her Mother’s Womb To Hear Her Little Sibling

Avon is a lovely puppy, but he’s a little rambunctious and naughty, and he likes to play and doesn’t know when to quit. But, since learning that her mother is pregnant, her hyperactivity appears to have lessened, and she now loves peaceful periods listening to her future baby brother in her mother’s womb.

She has been an overprotective dog with her mother after learning of the pregnancy and does not leave her for a second. Avon has attempted to bond with his future best buddy as his mother’s belly expands.

Avon’s mother, Shea Haugen, told The Dodo:

“I believe she first recognized she was pregnant when she was 14 [and] 15 weeks old because she used to leap a lot, but she became kinder after that.”


Listening to his baby brother in his mother’s womb has become Avon’s new favorite hobby, and he may spend hours resting his head gently to share a moment with his closest buddy.

Shea explains:

“She certainly lowers her head to listen to him, and she feels giddy when he kicks.” This is when his tail starts wagging wildly.’

The days of mischief and games all over the house are long gone. Avon can now spend the entire day listening to the noises of her mother’s womb, and it’s apparent that this lovely child is looking forward to meeting her new family member and sharing more adorable moments with her.

Everyone at home, even Avon, appears to be excited to meet the new baby and is unable to disguise their excitement.


She will be able to meet her new little brother in no time, and she will undoubtedly be her devoted companion and demonstrate that she is a wonderful elder sister.