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Chonky Cat Is So Chubby That Many People Thinks He’s Pregnant

Fat Fred is a very large cat that spends his days lazing at the Furry Friends Animal Hospital in Louisiana.

However, Fred’s presence has caused considerable consternation.

Fred, who weighed 29 pounds at the time, was adopted from a local animal shelter by veterinarian Marcia Riedel. Nonetheless, Riedel quickly realized that the cat’s personality is larger than his girth.

“I discovered that he prefers to walk about the clinic as the official greeter rather than reside at my house, which lacks regular exposure to admirers,” Riedel told The Dodo. “Fat Fred feels that humans are supposed to feed him at all times.”

Perhaps the cat’s greatest trick has been convincing others that he is eating for reasons other than himself.

Fat Fred enjoys displaying it all in the clinic’s front window, catching the attention of passers-by. He has a sizable fan base, but his flabby body frequently gives the incorrect impression.

“90% of the people who see him assume he is pregnant,” Riedel added.

Nope. It’s just a bunch of fat.

Riedel decided to place a notice on the window where Fat Fred normally lazes to explain things out about Fat Fred:

The truth is out, and the chonky cat is completely unaware.

“If Fat Fred could see the sign, he would probably modify it to say ‘NOT ON A DIET,’” Riedel added.

Fortunately, owing to his owner’s assistance, Fred has begun to thin down. He’d lost 25 pounds since his last weigh-in. That’s still a lot of weight, but Fred is generally in good shape.

Particularly his hearing.

“He is actually quite nimble and can hear a morsel drop from one end of the clinic and come with incredible speed,” Riedel added.

Fred, on the other hand, is not pregnant.

And the rest of the world is now aware of it.