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A Shelter Worker Adopts A Kitten That Was Constantly Mewing At Him

A litter of kittens came to the Exploits Valley SPCA shelter in July in need of care and a warm place to stay; one of the kittens had a respiratory issue and required particular attention. While recuperating, the tiny one was quite friendly with the locals, particularly one of them who would not stop meowing.

Sugar, as the cat was known, was a sweetheart who had fallen in love with the shelter’s employees and volunteers. Glenn, a 30-year volunteer at the site, was particularly enthralled by him; they were both content when they spent time together.

A member of the shelter, Sarah MacLeod, told The Dodo:

“From the beginning, he was really friendly and outspoken.”

A shelter worker adopts a kitten that was constantly meowing at him.


Every time Glen came close to Sugar, the kitten mewled constantly in an attempt to get the man’s attention and caresses. Glenn has fallen in love with numerous felines throughout his years as a volunteer, but he has always managed to find them a home.


Glen fell in love with the small cat and, although having no plans to adopt a feline, the notion began to take root when he noticed that the kitten was only happy when he was around.

Sarah says: 

“Sugar was shouting at Glen to put down his work and listen to him.”


So, without further ado, Glen would offer a permanent home for the tiny pussycat; he didn’t expect anybody else to take him away from his side.

Sarah expressed herself as follows:

“Glen didn’t want to adopt since he already has a cat, but he loved Sugar too much to let it go.”

Sugar is now a full-fledged member of the Glen family, and they are overjoyed to be together. The kitty is adoring of his new home and likes racing around and meowing incessantly.

Glen believes he made the greatest option for them both every time he looks at him.

Sarah continues:

“Sugar is doing such a good job at his house that Glen has invited him to come see us.”

There are certain ties that are simply too powerful to ignore, and Glen and Sugar are well aware of this; finding each other was the finest thing that could have happened to them.