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Mango, a Bengal Cat, Has The Best Lifelong Friendship With His Cat Dad

Mango Brown is a Bengal Cat that has been best friends with his human for over 14 years and has been living his finest cat life in California. This is their touching tale!

1. “Their sweetness was too much to bear, and their particular bond had to be shared with the rest of the world. Mango is a happy cat.”

2. “We often say he’s like a small human wrapped up in a cat, a really once-in-a-lifetime amazing animal.”

3. “Mango Brown, we owe you a debt of gratitude.”

4. Mango’s mother Tiffany claimed in an interview with Love Meow, “He would stop at nothing to gain the attention and intimacy he desires.
” Mango has always been affectionate and chatty, preferring to offer kisses rather than be pet.”

5.Bengal cats are clever, high-energy cats who are usually likened to dogs in terms of temperament. Perhaps this is why Mango is such an excellent illustration of how loving cats can be.

6. Mango is a Bengal Cat, a breed of cat noted for a variety of characteristics, including their stunning fur coats that mimic those of wild cats

7. Mango has a newborn sibling in addition to his adoring cat dad and cat mom

8. Mango’s beautiful photos, meowing videos, and everyday shenanigans are posted on his 550k-follower Instagram account!

9. Mango was adopted by his cat dad when he was six months old and has never looked back.

10. “If he is not napping close by, he follows us throughout the house,” Tiffany continued. “When people come by, he greets them with meows and kisses.”