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Heartbroken Mom Cries All Night For Missing Baby. When She Finally Sees Him, She Flips Out

Cows have a maternal instinct similar to that of humans. When separated from their babies, mother cows will cry for days.

The Gentle Barn animal sanctuary rescued a mother cow named Karma. What the team didn’t know is that the previous “owners” hid Karma’s baby, Mr. Rojas, so they could sell him to someone for their Christmas dinner.

Back at the sanctuary, Karma cried all through the night. Her rescuers realized it was her baby she was missing.

The Gentle Barn demanded to take back Mr. Rojas and, thankfully, they were successful in their efforts. The video below captures the dramatic reunion between Karma and her son.

As soon as Karma sees the trailer pull up, she desperately calls out in the hopes her baby is inside. The second Mr. Rojas emerges from the trailer, weak and starving, Karma cries out with such power that it’s hard to hold back the tears. Her baby is so stressed and overcome with emotion that he collapses at Mom’s feet before standing up, finally, to nurse.

This beautiful moment proves the bond between mother and child is universal among all species.

The Gentle Barn, which gives sanctuary to nearly 200 severely abused animals, was founded in 1999 in Santa Clarita, California. The Gentle Barn also hosts abused children, foster children, and children with special needs. Through the interaction with animals, the kids learn and heal by finding courage, empathy, kindness, and trust.

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